Curriculum Provider Ideas

Sequentially Progressive Instruction

There is no requirement for districts to provide instructional materials to home education students. The parent/guardian who assumes the responsibility of educating their child at home also assumes the responsibility for providing the curriculum, educational materials and evaluations necessary to determine student progress. The School Board of Lee County does NOT supply technology, texts, curriculum guides or educational standards for the home education student. There are many methods a parent may use to direct a home education program:

  • instruct the student;
  • enroll the student in courses part-time in a private school;
  • enroll the student in virtual/online courses;
  • enroll the student in correspondence courses;
  • hire a tutor, or
  • choose any other means that provides "sequentially progressive instruction" directed by the parent.

Note: These sources are provided only as a reference and should not be considered as an endorsement for or against any of the parties indicated by the Lee county Public School System.