SAC By-Laws

Three Oaks Middle School
School Advisory Council By-Laws

  1. Duties and functions of Three Oaks Middle School’s School Advisory Council:
    Three Oaks Middle School’s School Advisory Council shall serve as a resource to the principal and assist in:
    1. Reviewing results of any needs assessments conducted by the school administration and/or School Advisory Council subcommittee in the seven state goal areas.
    2. Developing and implementing the School Improvement Plan including such specific components of the plan as the educational goals and objectives of the school, indicators of school and student progress, and strategies and evaluation procedures to measure student performance.
    3. Defining adequate progress and establishing appropriate benchmarks for each school goal.
      1. Obtaining public input when defining adequate progress for school goals.
      2. Negotiating the definition of adequate progress with the Superintendent and the School Board.
      3. Notifying and requesting assistance from the School Board if the school requires assistance in order to make adequate progress in any single goal area.
    4. Monitoring student and school progress in attaining goals and evaluating the appropriateness of the indicators of student progress and strategies and evaluation procedures which are selected to measure student performance.
    5. Reviewing, amending, or continuing the School Improvement Plan components annually.
    6. Preparing and distributing information to the public to report the status of implementing the School Improvement Plan, the performance of students and educational program, and progress in accomplishing school goals.
    7. Advising the principal on matters pertaining to the school program
      1. Reviewing and providing input on curriculum issues.
      2. Providing input on the School’s annual budget and assisting in determining the use of school improvement funds.
    8. Initiating activities or programs that generate greater cooperation between the community and the school.
    9. Make recommendations on the waiver of Florida Statutes, State Board of Education Rules, or District of Lee County School Board policies which will allow school personnel to establish innovative educational practices and methods.
    10. Assisting in the preparation of the feedback report the Florida Commission on Education reform and Accountability as required by and pursuant to Section 230.23(18) (g), Florida Statues.
    11. Performing other duties and functions as requested by the principal or School Board.
  2. Three Oaks Middle School’s School Advisory Council Membership, Nomination, and Election Procedure:
    1. Three Oaks Middle School’s School Advisory Council will consist of an administrator and a minimum of 2 PTO members (must have a child enrolled in TOMS), 2 Teachers, 2 Support Personnel, and 2 Community/Business representatives.
    2. The School Advisory Council members will be nominated and elected by ballot annually by peers of their representative group. The principal and SAC chairman will oversee the election process.
    3. Community representative will be selected by the Principal and SAC.
    4. The principal and SAC will make every effort that the council is a representative of the ethic, gender, and racial composition of the school. If the election does not yield a cross-section of representation, the Principal and SAC will add members to remedy this imbalance.
  3. Three Oaks Middle School’s School Advisory Council Members’, Principal’s and Officers’ Election and Responsibilities:
    1. The chairman, vice-chairman, recording secretary, and treasurer shall be elected by a majority vote at the first SAC meeting.
    2. Principal’s Role:
      1. Works closely with the chairperson and the council to plan each meeting and establish an agenda.
      2. Serves as resource providing information regarding the local school education program.
      3. Is an active participant, but not a dominant figure.
      4. Encourages leadership from within the council.
      5. Assists in training members in leadership skills.
      6. Keeps the SAC apprised of county policies, curriculum, etc.
      7. Develops through positive actions, feelings of trust and understanding between the SAC, community, and staff.
      8. Facilitates distribution of SAC minutes and agendas.
      9. Serves as the administrator in charge of the school including general control and supervision of its employees.
      10. Oversees the distribution of the Annual School report to all parents and makes copies available to the general community.
    3. Chairman’s Role:
      1. Works closely with the administrator and the council to plan each meeting and establish an agenda in time to notify the community of the purpose of each meeting.
      2. Calls the meeting to order, maintains order and sees that the meeting is properly adjourned.
      3. Instructs the secretary and other officers of their duties.
      4. Sees that subcommittees function as directed, and that reports are prepared and presented.
      5. Sees that business is ordered, considered, and disposed of properly.
      6. Is an impartial, conscientious arbiter of discussion and debate, and insists on fairness in the actions and debate of the members.
    4. Vice Chairman:
      1. Shall assume the role of the chairman in his absence.
    5. Secretary’s Role:
      1. Keeps accurate, complete minutes and files them for inspection by members. A copy of the minutes shall be provided to the principal for the school file, which will be examined at the mid-year review. Prior to approval by the SAC, minutes shall be available as public records.
      2. Keeps accurate records of council membership, attendance, duties, and special assignments.
      3. Prepares copies of the agenda and distributes to council members, with minutes of the latest previous meeting.
      4. Provides timely notice of all meetings.
    6. Treasurer’s Role:
      1. Shall present accurate financial records of School Improvement Fund expenditures at each SAC meeting.
    7. Member’s Role:
      1. Functions as a council member according to established procedures by making suggestions and recommendations representative of their constituents’ views.
      2. Participates regularly in SAC meetings and carry out council assignments.
      3. Becomes knowledgeable about the resource of the school and community and the school’s educational program.
      4. Serves as a communications link between the SAC, their constituent groups, the community and the school.
      5. Acts as resource person for the SAC by making available specialized information.
      6. Assists in identifying resources.
      7. Accepts assigned responsibilities for assisting in and coordinating the implementation of new programs.
  4. Three Oaks Middle School’s School Advisory Council Meeting dates:
    1. The SAC will determine the time, place, and date of its meetings. There shall be a minimum of five meetings per year.
    2. To qualify for the Florida Department of Education Five Star Award, eight meetings are required per year.
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