Dress Code

Three Oaks Middle School Uniform Dress Code


The Three Oaks Middle School uniform dress code was established and approved by the School Advisory Council.  Compliance with the uniform dress code is the responsibility of the student and parent/guardian.  Our students dress for success every day! As such, we will not permit clothing, makeup, or hairstyles that create a disturbance in the learning environment or deviate from the uniform dress code. 

Please adhere to the following:


  • Standard style polo/golf style shirt.
    • Any solid color.  Stripes of any size are not appropriate.
    • Short or long-sleeves and a collar.  Cap sleeves are not appropriate.  
    • Five (5) or fewer buttons.  Zippers or snaps are not appropriate.
    • Any logos should be the size of a half-dollar or smaller.
      • Exception: School logos may be larger. 
  • Undershirts must be one solid color. 
  • Students must wear their shirts tucked-in.  Shirts must be long enough to remain tucked in when arms are raised above the head.
  • Shirts will be appropriately fastened in accordance with the design of that shirt. 
  • Students must wear shirts that fit appropriately and comfortably.  If students outgrow their school uniforms during the school year, they will need to be replaced to ensure proper fit. 

Uniform Pants/Shorts/Capris 

Acceptable Colors: Navy, Tan, Gray, Brown, or Black 

  • No blue jeans. 
  • No cargo pockets or carpenter style.
  • No joggers.
  • Pants must be professional- not excessively tight, no leggings, tights, yoga pants, or sweat pants.
  • Pants or shorts that have belt loops must be worn with a plain solid colored belt. 
  • Belt buckles should not display names, logos, flags, or other insignia.
  • Pants must be worn fastened at the waist. Pants may not be low-rise or drop below waist level on any student.
  • Shorts must be fingertip length or longer may not be excessively tight. No athletic shorts. TOMS Admin reserves the right to determine what is too short or too tight. 

Note: When jeans are permitted on special days, the jeans must be dark blue, no white, whitewashed, ripped, or printed jeans are permitted.

Uniform Skirts

Acceptable Colors: Navy, Tan, Gray, Brown, or Black

  • No jeans. 
  • No slits in skirts.
  • No cargo pockets.
  • Skirts that have belt loops must be worn with a plain solid colored belt.
  • Belt buckles should not display names, logos, flags, or other insignia.
  • Skirts must be fingertip length or longer and may not be excessively tight. TOMS Admin reserves the right to determine what is too short or too tight.


Any solid color plain jacket may be worn on cool days and must button or zip the entire length of the front.  

  • Jackets may not have large logos (larger than a half dollar) or writing on the front and back (for example Nike, Under Armour, etc). School logos may be larger.
  • No jean jackets. 
  • The sweater or jacket must be worn with a shirt that meets dress code requirements and cannot be tied around the waist. 
  • Unless it is cold or windy, jackets must remain unzipped and open the full length of the jacket during the school day.
  • Other outerwear (including sweatshirts and hoodies) is not allowed.


  • Tennis shoes are acceptable. 
    • Tennis shoes with eyelets must be worn with shoelaces. 
  • No flip flops, crocs, slippers, sport sandals, boots, knee-high tennis shoes, or open-back shoes. 
  • Socks are to be a solid color.
  • Students may not wear two different shoes.
  • Shoes must be worn at all times. 


  • Face coverings for health purposes are appropriate and must follow the guidelines set forth by SAC (8/20/2020):
    • Any color or pattern is appropriate.
    • Imagery and/or writing may not be displayed.
  • Any articles of clothing or jewelry that could likely cause injury are prohibited. Earrings should be smaller than a quarter and/or less than two inches.  Adornments such as hoops or rings attached to the nose, eyebrow, cheeks or lips, must be removed during the school day.  
  • Apparel, emblems, insignias, badges, or symbols that promote the use of alcohol, drugs, tobacco, or any other illegal activity are prohibited.
  • Bandanas are prohibited on campus. 
  • Apparel or symbols, which may be gang-related, are prohibited on campus, including on a student’s person, locker, agenda book, vehicle or any other locations on campus.
  • Any tattoos must be covered.
  • Unnatural hair coloring, hair carvings, or distracting hairstyles, such as Mohawks, are prohibited. Hair must be of a natural color and style. Feathers, animal headbands, and other distracting embellishments are prohibited. Hair must not cover a student’s face and interfere with his or her ability to see clearly. 
  • Wearing hats, caps, headgear, or sunglasses on campus is prohibited except with designated school approved uniforms or at authorized athletic practices or activities.  There may be certain exceptions for medical conditions and physical education classes held outside.
  • Clothing must be in good repair and unaltered from its original form. 
  • Due to health concerns of students and staff, students are not allowed to bring colognes, perfumes, or body sprays to Three Oaks Middle. We encourage students to keep either roll-on or stick deodorant in their book bags and apply after P.E.

The school dress code is designed specifically to support and enhance a positive learning environment while simultaneously addressing issues of safety.  The  implementation of a dress code minimizes student distractions resulting from unsuitable dress and poor grooming.  

As permitted by School Board policy, each principal has the authority with his or her staff and community to establish additional standards of dress code at individual schools. Please refer to the SDLC Code of Conduct for more information.

Note:  The school administration reserves the right to appraise any current fashion or fad and determine whether it is appropriate for school wear. Students must comply with dress code upon entering school grounds, during all after-school events, and at all times while students are on campus.  SDLC Dress Code Policy is still the standard and will be enforced.  Please contact the school prior to purchasing uniforms if you should have a question regarding clothing or hairstyles.


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