Administration and Faculty


Mike Carson
Belinda Huber
Assistant Principal
Richard Barta, Jr.
Assistant Principal


Name  Subject  Email  Webpage
Debra Abilheira Health/Physical Education  Email   Webpage
Jackie Baker Civics  Email  Webpage
Jim Baxa Social Studies  Email  Webpage
Doug Beck Science  Email  Webpage
Jeff Bennett Behavioral Specialist  Email  
Lynn Brashear ESE/ Resource  Email  Webpage
Chris Brock Math  Email  Webpage
Elizabeth Brown Leadership/AVID  Email  Webpage
Jennifer Brown Science  Email  Webpage
Lauren Bubb Language Arts/Reading  Email  Webpage
Laura Campbell Art  Email  Webpage
Kathryn Carparelli Language Arts/Reading  Email  Webpage
Mary Carroll Language Arts/Reading  Email  Webpage
Kimberly Cicero Culinary Arts  Email  Webpage
Julie Claprood School Counselor- A-L  Email  
Anne Cline Science  Email  Webpage
Claudia Cuna Math  Email  Webpage
Lisa Dolan Language Arts/Reading  Email  Webpage
Lynsey Doughty Intervention Support Specialist 
Terril Douglas Math  Email  Webpage
Kevin Felegie Social Communications  Email  Webpage
Debbie Fite Language Arts/Reading  Email  Webpage
Adam Gandolfo Science  Email  Webpage
Allison Garrich Language Arts/Reading  Email  Webpage
Gabriel Giddings Social Studies  Email  Webpage
Ryan Gillespie Science  Email  Webpage
William Gorman Social Studies  Email  Webpage
Connie Harris Language Arts/Reading  Email  Webpage
Michael Jata Math Teacher  Email  Webpage
Michelle Kaczmarek Reading Coach  Email  
Marybeth Keegan Language Arts/Reading  Email  Webpage
Jim Knecht Restorative Practice Specialist   Email  
Sara Kohlhauff  Reading  Email  Webpage
Judy Krupp Speech Pathologist  Email  
Nancy Lastrom Science  Email  Webpage
Jason Laux Science  Email  Webpage
Britt LeBeau Social Communications  Email  Webpage
Marie L'Estrange ESE/Resource  Email  
Darren Lindsey Physical Education  Email  Webpage
Dolores Loftus Social Worker  Email  
Jennifer MacLeod Technology  Email  Webpage
Crystal Martin Math  Email  Webpage
Travis McKellar Civics  Email  Webpage
Marissa McMillan Science  Email  Webpage
Christy Moore ESE/Resource  Email  
Carolina Nieto Spanish  Email  Webpage
Kristi O'Bannon Language Arts/Reading  Email  Webpage
Tyler O'Bannon Reading  Email  Webpage
Michelle Patterson Functional Skills  Email  Webpage
Lindsey Pennington Math  Email  Webpage
David Porter ESE/Resource  Email  
Ina Prescod Technology  Email  Webpage
Cynthia Restino Civics  Email  Webpage
Lillian Rossi School Counselor- M-Z  Email  
Terry Santora ESE/Resource  Email  
Bob Scoppettuolo Math  Email  Webpage
Janeen Scotti Reading/Media   Email  Webpage
Ivana Schmidt Science  Email
Alan Staal Social Studies  Email  Webpage
Richard Summers Social Studies  Email  Webpage
Mario Trejo  Band  Email  Webpage
Erin Tucker Choir  Email  Webpage
Beau Voltz Math
 Email  Webpage
Ariel Westergreen Social Studies  Email  Webpage
Tara Williams Physical Education  Email  Webpage
Kerry Wisdom Technology  Email  Webpage
Christine Wolpoff Math  Email  Webpage

Administrative Support Staff

 Name Title  Email
Alisa Weaver School Nurse Email
Denise Gaboury Clinic Assistant  Email 
Ryan Hambling Technology Support Specialist  Email 
Judy Hoffman Clerk Typist, Front Office  Email
Denise Janicki Clerk Typist  Email
Carol Mount Secretary to the Principal  Email
Lori Reichart Bookkeeper  Email
Gloria Toro Information Specialist  Email
Deputy Tim Watkins School Resource Officer  Email

Helping Teachers/Paras

Name Title  Email
Kara Card  Teacher Assistant  Email
Levern Green   Teacher Assistant  Email
Judith Hintz  Teacher Assistant  Email
Widline Joseph  Teacher Assistant  Email
Debra Lyle  Teacher Assistant  Email
Vilma Medrano  Teacher Assistant  Email
Linda Musick  Teacher Assistant  Email
Sheila Pentecost  Teacher Assistant  Email
Cynthia Robitaille  Teacher Assistant  Email
Carolyn Smith  Teacher Assistant  Email
Christina Waters  Teacher Assistant  Email

Cafeteria Staff

 Name Title Email
Debbie Frederick  Food Service Manager  Email
Kimaura Ajon  Food Service Worker  Email
Maria DePimentel  Food Service Worker
Marisol Fuentes  Food Service Worker  Email
Ma (Maria) Hebert  Food Service Worker
Carmen Nunez  Food Service Worker  Email
Kellie Rodriguez  Food Service Worker  Email
Tammy Smith  Food Service Worker  Email

Custodial Staff

 Name Title Email
Tom Brunow  Building Supervisor  Email
Emily Downer  Custodian  Email

 Head Custodian  
Dave Gearhart  Custodian  Email
Tina Gomes  Custodian  Email
Luis Jara  Custodian  Email
Jaime Ramos  Custodian  Email
Evelyn Silva  Custodian  Email

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